Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Restoring your Niles Home from Fire, Smoke, and Soot.

A small fire in one room has the potential to damage belongings and surfaces throughout your whole home. A small fire can also cause odors that can last for years. SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties responds quickly with a full line of fire cleanup and restoration services to help protect your home and belongings. 

Fire Damage in Edwardsburg, MI

Flames like these are very overwhelming to business owners. After the flames have been put out, you can count on SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties to not only restore your business but help restore your peace of mind as well. Our trained restoration professionals are on-site as soon as possible to help you regain control. 

Smoke Damage in Constantine, MI

We clean and restore your property using specialized equipment and cleaning techniques. Our “restore first” mentality reduces interruption and gets you back to your life. Have questions about fire restoration? Call us today (269-273-8777)

Kitchen Fire in Marcellus, MI

Fire damage can be devastating for you and your family. SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties always treat your family with the greatest empathy and respect, and we’ll treat your property with great care.

Kitchen Fire in Three Rivers, MI

This is the aftermath of a kitchen fire.  SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties arrived the day that this occured.  The power went out while the homeowner's were cooking on their electric stove and they didn't turn it off.  They left and the power came back on and burned the pot on the stove causing heavy smoke damage to the entire home.  

Kitchen Fire Damage in White Pigeon, MI

When this local business owner walked in to his kitchen for the first time of the season he didn't expect it to look like this.  SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph counties worked with his insurance company to get the fire mitigation cleaned the next day.