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Disaster Recovery Team in Three Rivers, MI

12/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Semi SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties is available 24 hours a day. If disaster strikes your home, don't hesitate to call us at (269) 273-8777.

Every year, SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties coordinates a disaster recovery team to send wherever disaster strikes. During storm season, area franchises may not be able to meet all the needs of their community. Our disaster recovery team steps in to help meet those needs. Responding to disasters such hurricanes, we try to assist as many residents and businesses as possible. We understand how devastating storm damage can be, and are proud to serve all communities. If a storm hits, SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties is not far behind.

If a disaster strikes your home, call us at (269)273-8777. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are there to ensure your home is taken care of. Our experts are highly trained and “Ready for whatever happens.” Are you?

Carpet Cleaning in Your Mendon, MI Home

12/20/2019 (Permalink)

Carpet before and after cleaning services Call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties at (269) 273-8777 to schedule your carpet clean today!

SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties specializes in carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning is beneficial for a variety of reasons such as stain, odor, or allergen removal. Our professionals listen to your needs and recommend the right solution for you. If not done properly, carpet cleaners can leave behind excess moisture. This could result in mold growth or a foul odor being left behind. Why call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties?

  • We are IICRC certified in the latest carpet cleaning techniques.
  • Our team has professional state of the art equipment.
  • We offer soil protection for high traffic area to reduce the frequency of future visits.
  • Our professional cleaning products work hard to help restore your carpets. 

SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties is equipped for all of your carpet cleaning needs. Call us today at (269)273-8777 to schedule your carpet clean.

Puff Backs in Your Colon, MI Home

12/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee cleaning contents. SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties is here for you every step of the way. Call us at (269)273-8777 for your clean up needs.

As the weather gets colder, many homeowners are starting up their furnace to keep warm. If not maintained properly, your furnace can cause trouble. A puff back occurs when the oil burner in your furnace backfires. If an oil burning furnace doesn’t light like it should, the vapors build up. When the furnace is finally ignited, it can cause an explosion sending soot throughout your home. A puff back can occur gradually or all at once. The clean up can be difficult and messy. Do not attempt to clean the mess yourself. If not properly addressed, soot can be spread further throughout the home.

 Call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties for your cleanup needs. Our professionals have the training and experience to effectively clean your home. Don’t hesitate to call us at (269)273-8777. We will make your puff back “Like it never even happened.”

Biohazard Cleanup in Centreville MI

12/14/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee in biohazard suit. SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties specializes in biohazard clean up. Call our professionals at (269)273-8777.

While widely known for our fire restoration and water mitigation services, SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties specializes in a wide variety of services. One of the other services we offer is biohazard clean up. Our team is trained to remove and dispose of fluids, tissue, and other potentially pathogenic substances resulting from accident, trauma, crime scene, or death.

 While following state and federal guidelines, SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties properly cleans and disposes of  harmful substances, such as chemicals from methamphetamine labs or pepper spray residue. Our team thoroughly cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes affected areas. We understand biowaste can be harmful. Our crew  prepares hazardous debris for proper disposal according to OSHA, as well as local and state health regulations. 

SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties available 24/7 for biohazard cleanup. We have the training and expertise to make biohazard damage, “Like it never even happened.” Call our professionals at (269)273-8777.

Responding Quickly to Your Dowagiac, MI Home

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Woman waving at SERVPRO truck. If a disaster occurs, call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties at (269)273-8777. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties takes pride in our quick response times. Our emergency response team is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you get your life back. Our service response guidelines are another way to ensure we are “Faster to any size disaster. SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties response guideline follows a 1-4-8 policy.

  • Within one hour from notice of loss, SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties will contact you to arrange for service. 
  • Within four hours of loss notification, our team will be onsite to inspect damages and get services in order.
  • Within eight business hours, a verbal briefing will be communicated to the appropriate person. 

SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties knows how much your home means to you. Our response times are in place to help give you peace of mind.  If a disaster occurs, call us at (269) 273-8777. We are always here for you.

National Fire Prevention Week in Three Rivers, MI

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO marketing manager, office manager, and local firefighter at smoke detector giveaway. If a fire occurs, Call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties at (269)273-8777. We make fire damage "Like it never even happened."

In honor of National Prevention Week, SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties hosts their annual smoke detector giveaway in October. Our franchise donated over 200 smoke detectors at the Three Rivers Fire Department. In case someone couldn’t attend the event, we also distributed smoke detectors to several local fire departments. Our partnership with these fire departments allows us to donate around 1,000 smoke detectors every year. We care about our community and feel strongly about their safety. Smoke detectors are a vital part of any fire safety plan. Not only do smoke detectors save lives, they also help you react faster preventing further damage.

If a fire does occur, call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties. Fear and uncertainty can sweep over you in times of disaster. Our 24 hour, 365 day emergency response team allows us to respond quickly to give you a peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to call us at (269) 273-8777.

SERVPRO can help when your home in Niles, MI has a kitchen fire

12/29/2018 (Permalink)

Don't attempt to clean the fire yourself. Call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties.

A kitchen fire, regardless of the size, can be overwhelming for you.  Understandably, you want to regain control quickly.  Trained in the cleanup and care of your home and personal belongings, SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties arrives onsite within four hours of notification to begin mitigation services understanding the need you may feel to maintain a sense of control during a fire damage situation.  Communicating the extent of damage, indicating how the damage may be handled and providing reassurance are some of the initial steps taken to help begin the restoration process.


  • Limit movement to prevent further damage
  • Place clean towels or old linens on carpeted traffic areas to prevent additional soiling
  • If electricity is off, empty freezer and refrigerator and prop doors open
  • Clean and protect chrome on kitchen and bathroom faucets and appliances with a light coating of petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.

When fire damage invades your home, contact SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties at 269-273-8777.  We make fire damage “Like it never even happened.”

Let SERVPRO help when your Dowagiac, MI home is damaged by fire.

12/28/2018 (Permalink)

A faulty electrical panel was the cause of this Dowagiac, MI fire damage.

A faulty electrical panel in this Dowagiac, MI home was the cause of this fire damaged garage.  This picture shows the amount of damage a fire can do.  The fire department was on the scene in 4 minutes and the fire still did this amount of damage.  When a fire strikes your home or business in Dowagiac, MI call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties to make it "Like it never even happened."  Our IICRC certified staff has been through advanced training to determine what can be salvaged after a fire such as the one depicted in the picture.  Within days of this fire occurring we had the home contained from any more smoke or fire damage and the garage demolished and removed.  Call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties at 269-273-8777.

Have SERPVRO on speed dial during frozen pipe season

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

A pipe connected to the sump pump froze and cracked causing major damage.

It's that time of year again!!  November through late March is the time of year when pipes can freeze and burst!  Here are a few simple tips to prepare your home or business for winter weather!

-If you have a second home and don't plan on being there in the winter.  Call a local licensed plumber and have them winterize your home

-Keep cabinet doors open during cold spells

-Keep a slow trickle of water flowing through faucets, especially if the pipes for faucets run through unheated areas of the home.

-Consider shutting off outside faucets.

-If you leave for multiple days at a time, always keep your thermostat above 60 degrees to keep outside walls from getting too cold.  

Call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties to make your water damage "Like it never even happened." 

Call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties when you have water damage to your Cassopolis, MI home

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Insulated your water heater can help in the cold winter months but water damage can strike at any time.

Leaks within a home or business can cause extensive damage if unnoticed for a long period of time.  Leaking water can seep into flooring, carpets, baseboard and walls while moving throughout the structure of the home.  Such a leak not only damages your property, it can also interrupt your day-to-day schedule. 

Since one out of every ten water incidents in a home is caused by a water heater, below are some tips and tricks to help provide some peace of mind:

  • Before doing any maintenance on your water heater, shut off the power at the service panel
  • Once every three months, drain one gallon of water from the tank. If you have hard water, do this every month to reduce sediment collecting in the bottom of the tank.
  • Once every two years, have your water heater inspected by a service technician.
  • Once every five years, have a service technician replace the anode rod.

If you didn’t get to these tips fast enough and have suffered from water damage, call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties at 269-273-8777.  We make water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Why use SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties?

12/21/2018 (Permalink)

This sump pump backed up causing major water damage to this Edwardsburg, MI home

If you have a damp basement or live in an area prone to flooding, you know that dealing with water damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. If your home has a wet basement, you’re not alone. The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates that more than 60 percent of homes have issues with water in the basement.  A sump pump can be an effective option for preventing water damage.

 Installed in a pit in the basement, these units sense when the water from rain or snow melt is rising in the pit and approaching the floor level. The incoming water is then pumped outside before it can damage the home or its furnishings.  Sump pumps are relatively low-maintenance devices, but you can help keep your unit operational by inspecting it regularly. Steps in a regular maintenance program can include:

  • Check the discharge line to make sure it is not stopped up or frozen. If necessary, unclog the air vent hole in the line.
  • Check the inlet screen to ensure that it’s not clogged with any residue or debris.
  • Making sure the float component is unobstructed and can move smoothly.
  • Scan the pit and remove any visible debris, mud, or stones.
  • Test the pump by slowly pouring a bucket of water into the pit. The float should rise with the water level, triggering the unit to start pumping. If pumping doesn’t begin, check to see that the unit is plugged in. Your float switch or check valve may also be at fault.
  • Go outside to see that water is discharging and flowing where it’s supposed to go – well away from your home.

Why you use SERVPRO at your water damaged home

11/16/2018 (Permalink)

This basement was affected by a pipe break.

Has your basement been affected by a water damage?  Do you know what your steps to recovery are?  Should you clean up the damage yourself?  If your Edwardsburg, MI home has been affected by water damage the answer to your problems is easy.  Call SERVPRO of Cass & St. Joseph Counties and let our certified water damage technician alleviate your water damage concerns.  Our highly trained staff has the professionalism and knowledge to take care of your water damaged basement.  SERVPRO has a service response guideline of 1-4-8.  Within 1 hour from the first notice of loss we will contact you to arrange services.  Within 4 hours of the loss a SERVPRO professional will be on site to start the mitigation process.  Within 8 business hours we will give a verbal briefing to the appropriate person for your claim.